Staking U

Since 1999, Staking University has delivered locating equipment training courses for over 600 client companies throughout the U.S., including utilities, municipalities and private organizations. Staking U. also currently operates affiliate programs in both the U.K. and Australia. Our highly skilled, experienced instructors provide classroom and hands-on instruction that benefits all levels of utility locators, from novice to expert.

Staking University is located in Manteno, IL, 45 miles south of Chicago’s Loop. With over 50 locating instruments for student use, Staking U. conducts twenty-two, 5-day classes and six, 2-day Locator Certification Seminars (LCS) each year at its home campus. Additionally, Staking U conducts approximately twenty-five Locator Certification Seminars hosted by utilities, one-call centers, and municipalities in states from Delaware to California, from Florida to Minnesota.


Started in 1999, Staking University became the first fixed-based pipe and cable locate training program with year-round scheduled classes. Today, Staking University has performed work for over 400 customers including distribution utility companies, corridor utility companies, engineering companies, military bases, manufacturers, contract locating companies, government agencies and training companies.

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Planet Underground

Planet Underground was formed when our affiliate, Staking University—a program offering training courses for professionals to get hands-on experience—was combined with our magazine American Locator, previously named Underground Focus. The magazine was founded in 1986 with a mission to help excavators and locators understand the opportunities available to them in their role in preventing jobsite damages. In 2001, Planet Underground was established as a new media organization to bring real-world stories of industry professionals to life on screen and in print. In 2016, our magazine became American Locator to emphasize the importance of being aware of utility locations in overall damage prevention. With print, digital and video communications firmly established and always rooted in education, we continue to push forward to expand our mission with annual events such as The Roundtable of experts and other unique opportunities. We believe the excavator’s voice is key to effective damage prevention, and that efforts on improving safety on all fronts must not stop at calling 811.

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