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The Staking University Locator Certification Curriculum
is a video-based learning system providing training for underground utility locating equipment operators and other utility professionals — with a focus on damage prevention. These videos cover electromagnetic locating and the fundamentals of utility systems, teaching basic to advanced concepts suitable for the beginning to more advanced operator in multiple segments of the utility industry.

Training Categories Now Available

Locating Instruments:
The Locating Instruments category covers a wide range of introductory to more advanced concepts on instrument use best practices, the science behind locating and various utility characteristics that can affect a locate. Just a sampling of the extensive topics covered include: the receiver, the transmitter, peak and null, signal, current, shape and endpoint, conductive and inductive locating, bleed-off and gain, creating the circuit, digital depth, near myths, maps and visual clues.

Utility Map Reading: 
An in-depth look at the different types of utility maps and how to interpret them. Making liberal use of aerial footage, this course explains common techniques used by utility companies to convey system information.
Basic Utility Knowledge: 
This course provides the most essential information regarding the transportation of electrons, photons, gas and liquids from origin to consumer.
Visual Observation: 
Underground utility features located above the ground are an indication of what can be expected below the ground. Visual observation skills are vital to damage-free excavation.
Tickets & Maps: 
Based upon the successful field completion of 811 locate tickets, this course tests the ability to integrate written instructions with map reading, utility map reading, and visual observation skills.

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