Locating Unlimited Training DVD

Celebrate the new year with the ultimate in locator training! Good through March 1, 2021. Click below to purchase. (Pay by credit to receive discount.)

The Locating Unlimited Training DVD provides a comprehensive learning experience you won’t find in any other locating training material. Never before has there been any video-based utility locating training this thorough and easy to grasp. This locating training video accelerates the learning process by focusing on concepts, not procedures or specific locating instruments. Intended for any level of expertise, Locating Unlimited focuses on:

  • How locating instruments work
  • How to operate locating instruments

Locating Unlimited is a 113-minute video divided into ten menu selections:

  1. Energize
  2. Peak and Null
  3. Round Fields & Path of Least Resistance
  4. Frequencies & Current
  5. Vertical Inspection of Field
  6. Horizontal Inspection of Field
  7. Changing Current Levels
  8. Changing Field Shape
  9. Superior Results
  10. Endpoint

The content of Locating Unlimited won’t change. It can’t. It’s all-inclusive and the information won’t alter unless the way we locate pipes and cables changes.

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